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Tips on How To Brush your Cat or Dogs Teeth!

Start when your pet is young to get them used to you handling their mouth. Have everything handy before your start. Let your pet investigate the brush and taste the pet toothpaste - using a beef flavoured paste may help. Always use a toothpaste made for your cat or dog, human toothpaste is not good for them. Start by putting something yummy like peanut butter on your finger then wipe it around their mouth. Then after a day or so, try it with the toothpaste. Then introduce the toothbrush, just doing the outside of the teeth at first. Go slowly and let your pet get used to this new activity. Once they let you do that, include the side teeth, brushing side to side all the way to the back. Then introduce the brushing of the inside of the teeth. Just do it for a second, don’t let them get upset by this motion. Be sure to look for signs of discomfort and stop the moment you see it. Brushing your cat or dogs teeth should never become a traumatic experience. Make it fun and you will find they will look forward to this extra attention and treats. Daily brushing of the teeth can prevent periodontal disease. There are some toys available that your pet can chew that also cleans their teeth so check out our pet supplies.

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