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Puppy School at Bentleigh Vet Clinic

with dog trainer Melanine Norgate

Puppy School

Wish you could start puppy class yesterday? With our puppy preschool package, you can get started as soon as you bring your puppy home - or even before. You’ve found the perfect combination of in-person group training and comprehensive video on demand


As soon as you book into our group classes you get immediate access the Virtual Puppies online training and behaviour program - so you can start training whenever you like, wherever you like and review the lessons as often as you like. Get on top of toilet training, biting, chewing and new behaviours fast with short videos, downloadable notes and a private forum.

Then have fun in a small in-person group where an experienced instructor will guide you through all the training and socialisation, and answer your questions. You’ll keep access to the online material and private forum for ongoing support after your class finishes.

Your puppies will develop social skills while you learn how to supervise play and keep them settled and confident. We review everything in case online training isn’t your thing, and add extra skills if you are already ahead. We also introduce fun games to help your puppy nail those training skills in real-life situations!

You will learn…

  • A strategy you can apply to any behaviour problem.

  • Common problems like toilet training, biting and chewing.

  • Useful training skills like sit, drop, go to mat, stay, come and loose leash walking.

  • Applying training to real life situations like jumping on visitors or visiting the vet clinic.

  • Training games - your puppy won’t even realise how much they are learning!

  • Puppy play - safe, supervised and you’ll learn what to do when you get to the park.

  • Socialisation - not just dogs…sounds, surfaces, objects, people, handling…

  • Q&A - in person question time and solving your problems.

Cute Puppy
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