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Vaccination:  Vaccinations are important for preventing serious disease in your pet and for reducing its spread in the animal community.  At Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic we stock a full range of vaccines for cats, dogs and rabbits.


We recommend the following vaccinations:

  • Cats:

    • F3 (Cat Flu and Enteritis)

    • FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)

  • Dogs:

    • C3 (Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus)

    • C5 (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough)

    • The Canine 3 yearly vaccine is now available

  • Rabbits: 

    • Cylap (Viral Haemorrhagic Disease / Calicivirus)


We are happy to discuss with you the different vaccines available and help build a specific vaccination program for your pet (depending on your individual circumstances).

Heartworm:  Heartworm is a serious and life threatening infection that is easily preventable.  At Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic we recommend using a preventative medication for heartworm.  This parasite is a worm that is transmitted from one dog (or more rarely, cat) to another by mosquitoes.  Once in the circulation it grows and resides in the heart and can lead to serious illness or death.  If your pet is not on a heartworm preventative or you are unsure about your current program please phone to discuss it with one of our staff members.


Intestinal worming:  Gastrointestinal worms can cause disease in pets and also in humans.  These worms can affect dogs, cats and wildlife, and can also be present in the environment, so exposure to them is often beyond our control.  Gastrointestinal worms are zoonotic with the ability to infect humans in a variety of ways.  Young children and immuno-compromised people are at greater risk of infection.  At Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic we recommend regular worming with a spot-on or oral medication.  We invite you to ask one of our staff about the ideal parasite prevention program for your pet.


Fleas:  Flea infestations are one of the main causes of dermatitis (skin infection and inflammation) in dogs and cats.  They are more annoying than nasty, with their population heightening in the warmer months. Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic recommends regular flea prevention in conjunction with environmental controls.  If you are battling fleas or have any flea concerns please contact us to discuss these issues.


Skin health:  Your pet's skin health can be optimised to reduce the occurrence or severity of skin disease.  At Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic we recommend the use of nutritional medicine (e.g. sensitive skin diets, low allergy diets, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid supplementation) and skin care products (e.g. quality shampoos and conditioners) for those pets predisposed to itchy and unhealthy skin.


Dental health:  Our veterinarians perform dental health checks on all patients.  Dental problems are prevalent in the pet population because our pets are unable to floss or brush their teeth!  Chewing is beneficial but is often not enough.  Dental disease is serious because it can contribute to life threatening organ dysfunction, including heart and kidney disease.  Maintaining good dental health can be achieved by a variety of methods and we can advise you of the best options for your pet.  Such methods include special dry food diets (e.g. Hills t/d™), raw bones, brushing (using pet tooth paste only), drinking water additives, and dental scale and polish under an anaesthetic.  During every consultation we will assess your pet's oral health and provide the best advice.  Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic offers FREE dental health checks for all pets, anytime.


Weight assessment:  Obesity in Australian pets is extremely common and can cause or pre-dispose animals to many serious diseases.  It is great to see people giving all of their love, support and treats to their pets but too many treats (and the wrong type) can lead to weight gain.  Some animals and breeds are more prone to obesity than others.  Most commonly overweight pets will suffer from lethargy, reduced exercise tolerance, respiratory disease, osteoarthritis and diabetes.  At Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic our vets will assess your pet's weight and body condition during every consultation.  We will provide information on your pet's ideal body weight and a weight management plan if required.  If you are concerned about your pet's weight please drop in for a free weigh in or call to discuss this with one of our staff.


Wellness tests:  Blood and urine testing is recommended annually for your pet.  Animals age much quicker than humans and cannot tell us when they're feeling sick.  Initial testing provides our veterinary team with an important baseline that can be used as a "normal" reference for all future measurements. This way any changes from normal can be quickly detected and monitored.  Early detection of disease can give your pet the best chance of survival.  A blood sample can be collected during a consultation and most times, tested and results available that same day. This provides us with a timely indication of your pet's internal health (including such things as  haematology count, electrolyte levels, liver and kidney function).  Urine testing will complement blood test results and provide further information for overall wellness.


Premium pet foods:  Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic stocks an extensive range of premium pet foods.  This includes foods for small to large breeds, life-stage relevant foods and diets for specific medical conditions.  Nutrition is important for optimising your pet's health and providing a solid foundation for disease prevention.  If you have any dietary questions please contact us.  We are open six days a week.

Help make your pet happier & healthier​ today

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