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Teething Problems?

Does your pets breath smell?

Have they changed the way they are eating such as only eating on one side of their mouth or even leaving harder food in the bowl?

This could be sign that your pet has teeth problems. Dental disease is common amongst pets by the age of three years old, but it can be preventable. When plaque forms on the surface of the teeth and under the gum line it can cause inflammation, pain and infection. Carefully check inside your pet’s mouth for any tell tale signs of reddening of the gums or broken and discolored teeth.

Dental disease is painful for your pet; it also can lead to infections of the heart and kidneys.

Here at Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic we offer FREE DENTAL CHECKS for your pet. Call 9557 9500 to book in for a check up with us and one of our Vets will check their teeth thoroughly and can advise on how to treat any dental issues. Act now to get your pets teeth back into good health which will make your pet feel great and have their breath smelling sweet.

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