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These tests and procedures help our veterinarians to diagnose the many disease processes that may be affecting your pet and how best to manage and treat their condition.  At Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic we can perform the majority of these tests and procedures onsite.  However, in certain situations we utilise the services of veterinary specialists to achieve a diagnosis and provide your pet with the best possible care.


Pathology Laboratory:  Many tests (e.g. skin, blood or urine) can be performed at Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic.  However, we also utilise the services of an external laboratory and veterinary pathology specialists to provide a wide range of tests and specific interpretations.  These tests can analyse blood, urine, faeces, soft tissues and skin for many different diseases that can occur in your pet.

Radiology:  X-rays can be taken onsite to allow for rapid assessment and diagnosis of your pet’s condition.  X-rays are particularly useful for skeletal conditions (such as bone fractures and arthritis) and also many internal conditions (such as heart, lung, kidney, liver, intestinal and bladder diseases).

Ultrasound: Ultrasonography is a very useful tool used at Bentleigh Veterinary Clinic. It allows your Vet to visualise and assess your pet's internal organs for disease intervention and management.

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