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Pets Love A Challenge

All animals love a bit of a change in their routine, whether it is a new box to hide in, a different route to walk your dog, or a climbing pole for your cat. Bored pets tend to get into mischief, either rearranging the pot plants in the lounge, or removing the stuffing in your new cushions.

Cats and dogs love chasing a ball or a few feathers on a rope. Dogs need a good run, an obstacle course or to be mentally challenged by a puzzle toy. Make your pet work for their dinner by filling a food dispensing toy and letting them wiggle, shake and turn the thing over to get a treat. You may even be able to have your own meal in peace without those pleading eyes boring into you! Try googling ‘activities for dogs’ (or cats, rabbits etc.) – you will find some fun games to test on your beloved pet.

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