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Does Your Pet Need Insurance?

Prevention is far better than finding a cure, but the reality is that our pets can become affected by disease and conditions that are beyond our control. As families struggle with budgeting and finances, pet costs can come as an unplanned expense. The way to avoid this is to join a Pet Insurance Plan which can free you from the worry of finding the finances to help your pet.

Just like car insurance, it provides assistance when accidents strike. With pet insurance there are no nasty shocks, just peace of mind freeing you to concentrate on your pet and their recovery. For a low monthly cost, the future for your pet suddenly looks brighter.

Talk to the team at Bentleigh Vet Clinic to learn more, call 9557 9500. Also, for cats and dogs under 12 months old you can have four weeks of FREE insurance cover (with no obligations).

Plan ahead, it is better to be prepared, than to be caught unawares!

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