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Hot Spots on Dogs ... moist and yucky!

Referred to as 'ACUTE MOIST DERMATITIS', hot spots are circular lesions

often found on the head, hip or alongside the chest area of your dog. Often caused by a

local allergic reaction to a specific antigen. Flea bites are often the cause. These lesions will be moist, raw, inflamed and hairless. Your pet usually licks and bites the area, thus inflaming it even more.

Treatment involves clipping the hair around the area and cleaning the surface with a non irritating solution. In severe cases, antibiotics and painkillers may be needed. While these are less common in winter, always check your dogs behaviour. Excessive licking and biting can indicate a problem.

SNEAKY FLEAS. You may think you will have a respite over winter from these nasty parasites. Sadly, this isn’t so. They are often indoors, in a warm heated rooms,

looking for a host to keep them warm and fed over the harsh winter. Don’t drop your defences, keep up with the preventative measures for your pet as prevention of these unpleasant creatures is by far the best course of action.

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