I am a vet nurse because I obviously  love animals big and small and have done so from a very young age just ask my family. I have grown up with dogs,  fish,  birds,  hermit crabs and rats. I now live out of home with my partner and my best furry companion and furr baby Leo who is a male Blue Merle Border Collie. 

It was not until 2009 when I was in high school Youth connect, RSPCA  and Victoria University partnered together and offered 15 students a chance to complete a Certificate II in Animal studies and I was one of the lucky students who got  to do practical and placement work in all areas of RSPCA  and completed the course in 3 months. This was my drive that got me through the starting gates. Then in year 10 when my school offered work experience I secured a spot for a week working alongside a vet in Glen Huntley which then gave me an insight into veterinary work.  I then knew I wanted to peruse this career as a  Veterinary Nurse.  I even tried getting a job at a pet shop for so many years wanting to just be around animals. I then knew what I had to do to become a Veterinary Nurse.


It was a very hard industry to get in so when I left school I tried many clinics but no one would take me. This did not stop me. In 2013 to boost my animal handling skills I applied to volunteer at RSPCA in the Kennels and the clinic where I got accepted and volunteered  there for a year. The most amazing experience I had working at the RSPCA was rehabilitating puppies and dogs that came from puppy factories who were terrified of people and watching them to then be able to walk on a lead and play with other dogs was just so amazing and knowing I was a part of that really sticks with me to this day.


It wasn't until then in 2014 a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing online course popped up which I then enrolled and started my long hard journey to full fill my dreams in becoming a Veterinary Nurse. I completed some placement at Frank Samways clinic who work with the Lost Dogs home and this was where it all then started.


In 2015 I then got the most amazing news any young Vet nurse in the industry wants to hear a job offer to work in a clinic full time.  Where I am now working as head nurse.  I still have so much to learn and two great Veterinarians to learn form. I am hoping in the next few years I can excel at being a Vet nurse, travel and in the long run look into livestock and large animals for a new experience as it is a completely different field.                         

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June 18, 2019

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